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Ethics for businesses and organizations -
an opportunity and factor for success


Expectations for companies and organizations to behave and to be ethical are increasing continuously.

Skeptical questions about their ehtics are posed to them as they are constantly monitored by the media and NGOs.In addition to the achievement of their own goals, they are expected to take into account the needs of various groups of stakeholders. Information about all company activities are quickly and uncontrollably spread worldwide through the internet as well as through social networks.

Ethics is a critical success factor for businesses today.

Ethics also opens up untapped opportunities and competitive Advantages. Successful and sustainable business operation of companies and organization is increasingly dependent on recognizing the ethical potential of their current and to be developped products, services and processes. 

In any case, we would like to suggest a short talk to learn about your todays or upcoming challenges and issues in buisiness and ethics topics.
We look forward discussing and shareing our experiences and solution approaches.
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Prof. Dr. Markus Huppenbauer, Ethicist
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Sinan Odok, MLaw; MAE, Attorney at Law

Guido Glanzmann, MSC, MBA, MAE